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Dungeon Explorer hits Nintendo DS & PSP in US

Rising Star Games has previously revealed how it will be bringing both the PlayStation Portable and Nintendo DS editions of the action-role-playing game Dungeon Explorer to the European and Australian territories in the First Quarter of 2008, but now Hudson Soft has confirmed that it will publish the games across North America in the same time scale as well.

In fact, gamers will not have to wait too long at all, since Hudson will be bringing the games to the US as soon as mid-February! Whilst the original Turbografx-16 was developed by Atlus’s Japanese branch, these DS and PSP remakes are this time being complete in-house at Hudson Soft and have already been launched in Japan to moderate success. Below is a snippet from the official Press Release:

Dungeon Explorer on Nintendo DS and PlayStation Portable

“In the game for the PSP system, players are trained in weaponry and mystical forces as Warriors of Ancient Arts. On a quest and ready to uncover the fate of a legendary kingdom, gamers will prepare to battle demonic forces and monstrous creatures. DE: WAA features hundreds of variations of weapons, armor and equipment that can be chosen and upgraded throughout the adventure to defeat enemies. Unique for the PSP system, players have the ability to choose their warfare style with more than 150 different kinds of fighting arts, including Big Bang Arts, allowing three players to team up to triple their destructive power in Ad-Hoc Multiplayer mode.

“In the DS version, gamers find themselves in a land plagued by a legion of undead, monstrous soldiers. Commanded by the Demon God, the Evil Menace is determined on bringing Westoria Kingdom to its final days. The story takes place centuries after the events of the PSP version, as a legend foretells of a hero who will rise to face the threat. Gamers must rediscover the lost Ancient Fighting Arts of Westoria in order to restore peace to a once sprawling and vibrant kingdom. With more than 60 different fighting arts across 8 lost Ancient Fighting Art schools, players can become a skilled warrior to successfully wage battle against dangerous enemies such as the Demon God’s undead soldiers, mutated monsters, and an army of ancient automatons. To assist in battle, the game offers hundreds of weapons, armor and equipment; all can be upgraded along the way. Players can also choose from three hero races and three character classes to form a unique warrior for battle. For a group effort, 3 players can join forces to battle the Demon god’s minions via Nintendo’s Wireless Connection.

“Bringing a classic franchise like Dungeon Explorer to the handheld gaming systems of today continues Hudson’s pledge to deliver engaging new content to gamers, while tapping into the nostalgia of the popular series. Dungeon Explorer updates the much loved series with an all-new engaging story and introduces new RPG gameplay elements never before seen in a handheld game.”
- John Greiner, President and CEO of Hudson Entertainment.

More details and screenshots of the DS edition of Dungeon Explorer: Warriors of Ancient Arts can be found in Nintendic’s previous article here. Be sure to stick around for further news updates… Explorer hits Nintendo DS & PSP in US digg:Dungeon Explorer hits Nintendo DS & PSP in US newsvine:Dungeon Explorer hits Nintendo DS & PSP in US reddit:Dungeon Explorer hits Nintendo DS & PSP in US fark:Dungeon Explorer hits Nintendo DS & PSP in US Y!:Dungeon Explorer hits Nintendo DS & PSP in US gamegrep:Dungeon Explorer hits Nintendo DS & PSP in US

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