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Inside a Dual Shock 3

If you’ve always wanted to know what the inside of a Playstation controller looks like, PC World has opened up three of them and compared their intestines. Golden oldie Dual shock 2 is being compared to its newer brothers Sixaxis and Dual Shock 3.

When they’re opened up, you can clearly see that the Sixaxis doesn’t have any rumble, where both Dual Shock 2 and 3 do have it in the handles.

Left Dual Shock 2, right Dual shock 3


On the following two pictures you can see the difference between the left and right side rumble of the DS3. The left side has less weight than the right side which makes it produce a wider variety of rumble effects. The final picture shows a close-up of the Dual Shock 2 controller which has a less advanced rumble pack.

Left and right side rumble motors of a Dual Shock 3

Dual Shock 2

Now we’ve seen the insides of the Playstation 3 itself and the controllers, what needs to be opened up next? a Dual Shock 3 digg:Inside a Dual Shock 3 newsvine:Inside a Dual Shock 3 reddit:Inside a Dual Shock 3 fark:Inside a Dual Shock 3 Y!:Inside a Dual Shock 3 gamegrep:Inside a Dual Shock 3

5 comments on 'Inside a Dual Shock 3'

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Comment by Pablo on 2008-04-01 16:50:07 | Reply

Wow - that’s incredible. A controller that rumbles! Availible way after the launch of the console itself! What will they think of next.

Comment by Joe on 2008-04-01 19:20:36 | Reply

A Dual Shock 4 that will launch before the the console.

Comment by Kenny on 2008-04-02 11:07:55 | Reply

I hear that it will be available in Europe by early 2011 as well. I feel like such a valued customer

Comment by Jonas Ques on 2008-08-06 17:33:57 | Reply

The dual shock 3 came out in marts 2008, what are dual-shock 4, what did he have had about it, and what can`t dual-shock 4 ????

Comment by tony on 2008-08-06 22:28:55 | Reply

OMG Ive always wanted to know what it looks like on the inside

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