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Matchman burns a path onto PlayStation 3

Lexicon Entertainment has today announced an agreement with Chinese firm TF-H to bring a number of new, original titles to the Sony PlayStation 3 over the next two years, beginning with Matchman.

Matchman is described as a side-scrolling shooter with “extraordinary graphics, manipulation and creative features.” Its storyline is said to take inspiration from classic fairytale scripts, from Grimm, Anderson and the like.

It’s Matchman’s graphical style that is more striking than the above, however, in that it is completely in black and white comic book-like drawings. Lexicon also describes the interesting Commuter mode, which allows players on public transport or in the office to operate the game with one hand, while enjoying a nice, hot cuppa with the other.

Christopher Allcroft, President of Publishing for Lexicon Entertainment UK Ltd said “This partnership with TF-H Co Ltd is another piece of our jigsaw which will see new IP on cross platforms being released all over the world and will also expand our collaboration within Asian territory. TF-H Co Ltd are a dedicated and extremely talented bunch of developers and we look forward to developing and publishing this exciting IP for the next 2 years”

Steven Shao of TF-H Co Ltd quoted “We are extremely excited about this partnership with Lexicon Entertainment and the development of ‘Matchman’ on cross platforms. ‘Matchman’ has been carefully chosen to suit the correct audience and working with Lexicon Entertainment will enable users around the world to enjoy it as much as we do!”

Looks pretty cool to us, especially the inventive use of matchsticks to create bow and arrows, nunchucks, and a rocket-boosting flying ability. The above screeenshots are obviously lifted from the Nintendo DS version of the game, but it’ll give you a good idea of what to expect.

Matchman is currently scheduled for release on the PS3 in third quarter of 2009, so quite a wait yet. burns a path onto PlayStation 3 digg:Matchman burns a path onto PlayStation 3 newsvine:Matchman burns a path onto PlayStation 3 reddit:Matchman burns a path onto PlayStation 3 fark:Matchman burns a path onto PlayStation 3 Y!:Matchman burns a path onto PlayStation 3 gamegrep:Matchman burns a path onto PlayStation 3

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