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Rumor: Monster Hunter 3 Coming to PSP?

There is a rumor that a Monster Hunter may be coming to the PSP. The rumor seems to have stemmed from a scan from the Japanese video game magazine, Famitsu.

The Spanish site PS3P, is stating that in the latest issue of Famitsu, there is a small article with a character from Monster Hunter in the PSP section. Trusting the translation of the article from Japanese to Spanish then to English, states that a PSP version is in development and is planned for a release at the end of this year and is titled, Monster Hunter 3.

Capcom has remained silent about the game, and even here at Playstatic, our contacts have not responded. Until we hear differently from Capcom, unfortunately it remains as a rumor.

Source: PS3P via VGChartz Monster Hunter 3 Coming to PSP? digg:Rumor: Monster Hunter 3 Coming to PSP? newsvine:Rumor: Monster Hunter 3 Coming to PSP? reddit:Rumor: Monster Hunter 3 Coming to PSP? fark:Rumor: Monster Hunter 3 Coming to PSP? Y!:Rumor: Monster Hunter 3 Coming to PSP? gamegrep:Rumor: Monster Hunter 3 Coming to PSP?

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I seem to be in the majority when I say that it would be good for a Monster Hunter to be on the PSP, but wouldn’t it be great if we had one for the PS 3??

Comment by Allen Francisco on 2010-08-07 05:22:01 | Reply

it’s great when MH3 will release on PSP earlyr


some asian people like are rampaging & waiting that the MH3 will b relis

Comment by Dianne on 2010-11-10 10:00:34 | Reply

I was gald to find some real facts at last. I’ve been searching the web for some information about Monster Hunter, but neither of the sources ( I was actually using google and ) is giving enough details about it.

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