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SEGA supports Sony MOVE device

During a recent media interview, SEGA European and North American boss Mike Hayes has confirmed support for the Sony Move Motion Control Device and stated that SEGA are spending less money in risky areas, but are interested in developing for new applications such as Move.

Hayes also stated he imagines Sony are going to spend big development money to make Move very attractive, and that SEGA plan on releasing supported games towards the end of the year.

We’re really encouraged by what Sony and Microsoft say about trying to reach the mass market. Let’s call it the PS2 market. To get those players back onto those platforms would be great. Hopefully, Natal and [Move] could go some way to achieving that.

I think Natal and the Sony Motion Controller allow us to do things that are more about multi, party gaming. In a way, it’s a move away potentially from the core. That’s what we’re actually getting good at. Mario & Sonic is a multi-party game - but it’s actually good fun.

If you look at how many Xbox 360s or PS3s there in Europe - let’s say 12 million of each - if they get an attached rated of 12-and-a-half per cent with these [motion] devices, that’s 2.5 million consumers for us to go after. If ten per cent of those buy our games, that’s 250,000. How much money can you realistically spend on development for that audience?

We’ll certainly be supporting both. We have several games on both [Move] and Natal that you will see from around the end of this year and into 2011.

Whilst Virtua Tennis seems an obvious choice of title that could be Move incorporated, how would you like to see SEGA develop this into older games?

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