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New Iron Man 2 Trailer

This morning SEGA revealed a new trailer for the upcoming ‘Iron Man 2: Enemies & Destruction’. It details how Tony Stark may well have opened a Pandora’s Box when he created the armour. His enemies are growing in power and all greedy eyes are on the Iron Man technology. Match their destruction with some of your own!

Iron Man 2 will feature the voices of renowned actors Don Cheadle and Samuel L. Jackson. Expanding their roles from the upcoming Iron Man 2 summer blockbuster from Marvel Studios, Cheadle voices Tony Stark’s close friend James “Rhodey” Rhodes – the powerful War Machine – while Jackson joins the game as S.H.I.E.L.D. director Nick Fury. Together they complete a cast of characters that transports fans into a deeper and more authentic cinematic video game experience.

The game will be released in the UK and across Europe April 30th, whilst the US release date will follow on May 4th 2010. Iron Man 2 Trailer digg:New Iron Man 2 Trailer newsvine:New Iron Man 2 Trailer reddit:New Iron Man 2 Trailer fark:New Iron Man 2 Trailer Y!:New Iron Man 2 Trailer gamegrep:New Iron Man 2 Trailer

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