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Dead Space 2 Debut Trailer Unleashed

Electronic Arts pleasantly surprised horror fans back in December 2009 when it announced that the arguably scariest survival horror game on the Playstation 3 will be getting a sequel in the first quarter of 2011, promising even more chills down our spines and shitty pants. As we wait patiently to see some solid gameplay, the publisher has treated us to the debut trailer of Dead Space 2 titled “Dementia.”

In line with the plot, the trailer first shows a few flashes from the first game and then transitions to three years later when the game is to take place. Based on the voices in the background, the game will start off in a clinic of some sort where the protagonist Isaac Clarke will be awakened and shown the Rorschach ink blots featured in the trailer. By the look of things, the mental illness caused by the marker will continue to have an effect on him.

Apart from the confirmation of a multiplayer component, there isn’t much else we know about the sequel. If E3 2008 is anything to go by, EA will be ready to share much more in June. Space 2 Debut Trailer Unleashed digg:Dead Space 2 Debut Trailer Unleashed newsvine:Dead Space 2 Debut Trailer Unleashed reddit:Dead Space 2 Debut Trailer Unleashed fark:Dead Space 2 Debut Trailer Unleashed Y!:Dead Space 2 Debut Trailer Unleashed gamegrep:Dead Space 2 Debut Trailer Unleashed

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