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Bioshock 2: Three DLC Packs Tomorrow

The Bioshock 2 ‘Rapture Metro Pack’, the latest multiplayer expansion into the world of Rapture, will be available tomorrow on the Playstation Store. Also, tomorrow will be the release of two additional DLC packs: ‘Kill’Em’Kindly’, a free multiplayer mode where players fight to the death with golf clubs, and the ‘Character Pack’, a new pack which adds two new characters to the multiplayer experience of the game.

Kill’Em’Kindly - Click to Enlarge

Here are some details of the Rapture Metro Pack:

  • Six all-new maps, some built from the single-player portion of the game,
  • Three new Trophies
  • Rebirth Feature – players who reach the rank of 50 have the option to rank down to Level 1 and receive a special mask.

The ‘Rapture Metro Pack’ will be available May 11th, for $9.99, ‘Kill’Em’Kindly’ is free, and the ‘Character Pack’ will set you back a reasonable $1.99 2: Three DLC Packs Tomorrow digg:Bioshock 2: Three DLC Packs Tomorrow newsvine:Bioshock 2: Three DLC Packs Tomorrow reddit:Bioshock 2: Three DLC Packs Tomorrow fark:Bioshock 2: Three DLC Packs Tomorrow Y!:Bioshock 2: Three DLC Packs Tomorrow gamegrep:Bioshock 2: Three DLC Packs Tomorrow

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