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Any Bluetooth headset compatible with PS3

We all know that people that walk down the highstreet with a Bluetooth earpiece strapped to their head are pretty sad, and want to make an impression but fail miserably. However, wearing one around the house may soon become the rage if Sony have anything to do with it.

It seems the firmware within the PS3 has a “Bluetooth Settings” part which allows headsets, microphones and headphones to all be tuned in to the PS3. Pretty sweet if you have a Bluetooth headset already, as it will save you money for other games, since you won’t need any official merchandise.

Compatible with any PS3

No doubt though that Sony will release their own headset soon, because they would be silly not to. After all, accessories play a huge part in the role of any computer game console these days, and can make a lot of money out of it. Also, you won’t need to be waiting for ages before you can get a headset and talk to your mates. Bluetooth headset compatible with PS3 digg:Any Bluetooth headset compatible with PS3 newsvine:Any Bluetooth headset compatible with PS3 reddit:Any Bluetooth headset compatible with PS3 fark:Any Bluetooth headset compatible with PS3 Y!:Any Bluetooth headset compatible with PS3 gamegrep:Any Bluetooth headset compatible with PS3

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Comment by Aift on 2006-11-11 03:46:24 | Reply

I mean, I could have guessed this. In fact, I have been saying this for a while now!

Comment by trynaHelpUout on 2010-02-16 00:50:58 | Reply

access. setting. manage bluetooth device. begin scan (PS3). hold the device in front of off/on/eject buttons on ps3, at the same time holding down ON/OFF button of headset waiting atleast 10-20 seconds, it should find and say brand/model type.

Comment by jdarnell on 2010-02-16 02:11:17 | Reply

when i registered my bluetooth to my ps3 i picked the device it is asking for a pass key what is this asking for

Comment by gerson on 2010-08-24 22:59:38 | Reply

simple just put ‘0000′

Comment by Ves on 2006-11-12 13:43:46 | Reply

Ok, this is so sweet. Even if I don’t get a PS3 within the next 18 months

Comment by jake on 2010-05-29 13:20:20 | Reply


Comment by Tuko on 2006-12-12 10:16:41 | Reply

I have ps3 and resistance, play it all the time. Used my motorola H350 headset and it works, some-what. You will play about 3 games with no plroblem then I’m able to hear them and they can’t hear me. And this happeneds with alot of models. So I think we’d all be greatful to see a fully functioning Sony headset. Or atl;east an update so they can stay connected.

Comment by Joshua N. Davis on 2007-02-22 19:55:46 | Reply

I have a H350 and all it does is pair and then i get to selected audio out and the H350 is dimmed and i can not select it. Then I hit the phone button on the bluetooth and within 5 seconds it becomes highlighted and i can choose it but i can not get it to work in the game (SOCOM 3). The device did not come with directions so i do not know why it does not work.

Comment by Badass07 on 2007-08-31 08:17:49 | Reply

the reason your headset dosnt work in SOCOM 3 is because the PS2 only supports a usb headset and was never envisoged to use blue tooth technology.

Comment by Justin on 2007-10-03 00:22:51 | Reply

you must first register it, then do the audio or w.e., then once its registered click connect device. be sure it is on. once it reads it the h350 will not be dimmed

refer to here= it helped me out a lot

Comment by Curtis on 2007-01-06 12:19:26 | Reply

I use a usb headset for my PS3. Here’s a link to the exact headset I use. It says that the headset is for use with the PS2…don’t worry; it works just as well with the PS3.

Comment by Court on 2007-03-30 01:16:25 | Reply

is this the same as the one that comes with socom 2 on the playstation2..

Comment by annonimus on 2007-01-24 06:27:32 | Reply

dudes will the headset for the ps3 exactly when is it gonna come out cause i got a platinum model of he ps3 from spain

Comment by Covert on 2007-02-10 17:41:11 | Reply

mad catzs have already come out with a blue tooth wirless headset but it is out of stock because people line up to get them.

Comment by annonymus on 2007-02-17 08:07:20 | Reply

I have a plantronics bluetooth and it crashed and will no longer work. It worked fine until a pushed a button, this is the 2nd same headset that has crashed. do not buy plantronics. does anyone know of where i can buy a good ps3 headset that runs off usb?
Thanks in advance!

i found one from logitech that has usb it is £19.00 from p.c world and my psn “kinghing

Comment by ps3 on 2007-02-22 03:29:40 | Reply


Comment by Badass07 on 2007-08-31 08:20:07 | Reply

This is the exact same model that sony are releasing with warhawk when you buy the blue ray diskpack

Comment by jim chambers on 2007-10-07 23:04:52 | Reply

i have the same one and it is all up but i do no how to speak thought it no one can hear me. do i press the button to speak?

Comment by Bryson on 2007-03-02 06:06:17 | Reply

I have a Motorola HS850 Head set, and I can’t get it to work. I go into settings and try to test the sound levels, but the head set is dark letters… and it wont pick up sound. Can any one help me?

Comment by trevor on 2007-03-10 18:32:52 | Reply


look at this i found out date is the 23

Comment by HI-mexiflip808- on 2007-12-02 00:06:59 | Reply

WOW! That is pretty messed up…is it only in the U.K. ? Is it gonna be shipped to the U.S. soon? Please someone! Help me! I’ve been looking for bluetooth headsets all morning! I’m tired! Is this available for Hawaii citizens? If not, recommend a bluetooth headset for me. Is Jabra BT125 good?

Comment by Big Diick on 2007-03-21 21:58:42 | Reply

What is the L3 button?

Comment by The_Glovner on 2007-04-02 13:26:49 | Reply

Click the left thumbstick in.

Comment by phuckU on 2007-11-30 02:16:08 | Reply

you’re so stupid it’s funny

Comment by Rebecca Mills on 2007-12-28 20:39:00 | Reply

The person who didn’t know which button was “L3″ might be an older adult who’s trying to set the system up for their teenager. I’m doing that, and I’d have to look at the manual to see which button L3 is. That doesn’t make anyone stupid, just because they’re not familiar with PS3’s. I hope and pray my kids aren’t bratty online.

Comment by whitie on 2007-12-28 21:36:13 | Reply

yea its an older adult named big dick you foolish fuck

Comment by LOL THAT IS HELLARIOUS on 2008-03-27 05:19:02 | Reply

just want you to know you made that guy look like a retard “yea its an older adult named big dick” lmao seriously it made me laugh

Comment by Sinner12 on 2007-04-04 14:06:33 | Reply

Hi, I just got the Motorola H350 headset and it doesn’t work with the PS3. The voice meter thingy looks like it’s registering the headset then it stops, I could other people talking in the game but that’s it. My wireless controllers stopped working and took ages for them to start up again. I don’t get it.

i have a strong feeling that motorola bluetooth headsets are NOT COMBATIBLE!!

reply to tell me otherwise please :D

Comment by Badass07 on 2007-09-04 03:13:38 | Reply

I got the Motorola H350 headset and it is awful it does not work properly. Im looking for a USB heaset till it gets sorted out.

Comment by nez on 2007-04-08 05:29:00 | Reply

whats the deal with the madkats headset and why the hell can it not be shipped to the us i have money ups is a world wide deal so whats the damn prob.

Comment by yanni on 2007-08-09 19:05:50 | Reply

i have a jabar bluetooth headset and i want to know how it connects to the ps3

Comment by youcef on 2007-09-01 04:02:51 | Reply

go to accessories, register, headsets and then scan and put it very very close to the ps3 to scan it

Comment by JC on 2007-04-09 20:17:18 | Reply

For resistance you only have to hold down L3 to speak, not to hear.

Comment by np on 2007-04-13 02:16:04 | Reply

hey i got a motorola headset and it will not register…this is what i did…went to accessory, register, headset, turned my headset on, start scanning, and it never scanned…am i doing something wrong…and what is this thing about pairing and pairing code…please help me

While pairing the headset to the PS3 you have to have it powered off first (the head set) then in accessories under add blue toth device, hit pair with BT headset, while that is going on, you have to hit the talk button on the BT and hold about (6-10 secs)until you get a solid blue light. It should find it at that point. Note: I have not been able to figure out how to get it to work in-game though.

Comment by Rebecca Mills on 2007-12-28 20:43:07 | Reply

Oooh, took notes on this one. Thank you!

Comment by RCB on 2007-04-14 17:08:38 | Reply

Using bluetooth to play resistance, but I can’t hear anything. Is noone talking or is there a problem? I logged off a few times to make sure it worked, by checking the mic volume in the settings.

Comment by SoCal Dude on 2007-04-18 00:00:17 | Reply

I’ve heard the PS3 itself has issues with Bluetooth compatibility, which is why some people have issues with any make/model of headsets and sometimes even the 1st party Bluetooth controller. The Mad Catz one works great though, so far.

Comment by PoOzy7 on 2007-07-10 20:38:50 | Reply

what up. can anyone help me right quick i just got a headset bluetooth by plantronics for ps3 and i cant figure out how to even hoko it up to my ps3 go figure lol. cause it dont got nothin to stick into the ps3? its got the charger and the ear peice and thats it. anyone kno what im suppose2 do?

The blue tooth receiver is built into the PS3 gamestation. Here is what you do. Turn on the PS3 and go to accessories and add blue tooth device. Tell it to search for device. Press and hold down the power button on the ear piece until the light stays on (it may take 6-10 seconds for this to happen, mean while the light my flash but you want it to stay solid which means it is in discover me mode. Once the light comes on steady the PS3 should pick it up and you follow directions from there.
Word of advice, the Blue tooth headpiece only works with PS3 games not PS2 games played on the PS3 station. It also works good for the chat feature of the PS3 as well. I have ehard bad things about the Plantronic head set. I would suggest the JABRA myself. Good luck.

Comment by PoOzy7 on 2007-07-18 22:33:58 | Reply

thanks it helped

Comment by Steve on 2007-07-31 03:32:48 | Reply

What about using the headset to play non-online games, or just to listen to music. Are you able to output all sound from the PS3 to the bluetooth headset????

I just transfered music over to the system and I can not find any option to send sound to BlueTooth.
You can play non-online games that utilize the headset and it will go over the BT as long as it it is a PS3 game. But as far as music it doesnt appear to work over BT. The music will play out what ever speakers you have set up for the system, your Stereo, surround sound or TV.
Hope this was helpful.

how do i connect my jabra o7e with the ps3?

Comment by The_Glovner on 2007-08-10 04:27:50 | Reply

Buy a 360 and a wireless headset then turn it on, from the looks of things it may be a lot less hassle to do it that way.

Comment by Lone goat on 2007-08-10 18:17:02 | Reply

bluetooth is nice though…. i do wish the 360 had it… but i do have a wireless 360 headset works like a dream… hopefully you get your going.

gaming online without voice is like no girls at a orgy….

It is easy enough to connect any BT to the PS3. I have posted the directions above several times and it should hold true to any BT headset. I do not know all the details of all BT headsets but for the most part you will need to set it to Detect me mode and once that is done it is simple to tell the PS3 to look for devices. The default Pass key for the BT should be 0000 good luck.

Comment by kennylv on 2007-08-20 07:10:52 | Reply

To those tyring to hear music on bluetooth headset… to send sound via bluetooth takes an advanced version of the technology that was released on the market about a year ago. They are mostly labeled as Bluetooth headphones or Bluetooth stereo headset. they look like regular headphones just without any wires. Range from $80-$150. Will work with all bluetooth devices, phone w/music player, laptop for movies and anything else they can think of, and most will double as a headset for phone conversations!

Comment by Lacho on 2007-08-30 13:37:03 | Reply

I have one of these sorts of bluetooth headset, i listen to music from my phone and it sounds great. However, as far as i know, it only has the functionality of a standard bluetooth headset when interfacing with the PS3.

Comment by carlyle on 2007-08-23 01:49:32 | Reply

i just got the jabra headset from office max for 29.99. i have a question about it. does it work with RESISTANCE: FALL OF MAN? i can hear perfect but when i talk it seems that no one hears me. am i doing something wrong?

Comment by mexiflip808 on 2007-12-01 23:58:37 | Reply

When you talk, don’t you have to press L3 on the controller? Are you doing that? Just wondering, that may be the problem. If not, I recommend going to this site:


Comment by minidragon on 2007-08-27 19:11:20 | Reply

i found a site which is pretty useful to me
it tells you what do to on games you are having trouble with speaking into so heres the link http://boardsus.playstati...=ps3&
just scroll down until you find ”4. Game Specific Infomation”

Comment by Slapshotandy on 2007-09-01 15:20:34 | Reply

I have Bluetooth headset I have paired it up And when I go to The Tiger Woods 07 Lobbey it shows I have a Headset but when I enter a game it disappears and says I don’t have a headset. How to I fix this and what button do you have to press to talk on Tiger Woods?

Comment by Julio Costilla on 2007-09-10 09:50:14 | Reply

I recently purchased the Bluetooth DJ Headphone from Moto. the S805 series and I can’t get them to recieve constant streaming sound. The Microphone works but there is no sound. Can anybody help?

Comment by ps3 on 2007-09-16 17:07:35 | Reply

i have a jabra b130 and with my ps3 it just keeps on scanning it wont hook up, please can some one help me i would greatly appreciate it

Comment by clarence hansen on 2007-09-23 09:08:04 | Reply

i have ps3 and i have headset that plugs into the ps3 but i cant get it to work need help

Comment by ps3 on 2007-09-23 09:09:48 | Reply

how do i register it because it will not work

Comment by ps3 on 2007-09-23 09:11:11 | Reply

please send help asap will check later

Comment by james on 2007-09-23 22:18:14 | Reply

None of my blutooth devices work properly on my PS3. My sixaxis, my BD remote, AND my headsets. I’m not the only one either. Just look on the PSN forums and there are a ton of people with that problem. Watch it though, if you have a legitimate beef, they still lock up the negative threads. Paranoia anyone?

Comment by The_Glovner on 2007-09-24 14:36:24 | Reply

Just buy a 360, come and have a conversation, you’ll like it, it’s fun.

Comment by kay47 on 2007-09-26 16:57:23 | Reply

i have a jabra bT 135 and with my ps3 it just keeps on scanning it wont hook up, please can some one help me i would greatly appreciate.

Comment by kirbyx2000 on 2007-09-28 05:32:14 | Reply

i have a Jabra BT 125 headset for ps3 online games can they hear me on there TV or just if they got a head set to because i can hear them on my TV and i want that to if the device i got is not for both TV and other headset then what i need to get so they can hear me can some won tell me.

Comment by ps-gamer on 2007-10-03 13:55:42 | Reply

for those of you that are stuck in the scanning part of the registration all you have to do is when you click on start scanning and it says scanning please wait push the answer/end button on the blutooth headset and keep holding it until the ps3 scans it it should only take about 5-10 seconds once it scans it just follow the directions on your ps3 hope this helps

Comment by Jamie Edwards on 2008-05-08 20:35:59 | Reply

thank you so much. this helped alot. i was completely puzzled on how to connect my headset until i read this

Comment by haime2 on 2007-10-26 12:56:56 | Reply

i have a plantronics headset and when the ps3 is searching for devices it picks up my phone SGH-D900 so i click that and connect the headset to the phone…because it doesnt seem to pick up the actual headset =S then it asks for the key. i type 0000 and same on my phone to connect them. then it says ‘AN ERROR OCCURRED DURING THE REGISTER OPERATION…TRY TO REGISTER AGAIN’ i need help lol =D

Comment by senn137 on 2007-10-28 21:47:14 | Reply

i had a bluetooth phone that i used as a headset for a while and worked perfectly fine but i got a new phone and it is asking for the pass code or w/e for the ps3, does anybody know what that is or if there is one?

I have a ps3 and i have a motorola hs850 bluetooth headset ans when go to the menu on the ps3 it says that its searching for a compatible bluetooth headset but nothing else and never found the page of puting the passkey Help!!!!!!!!

Comment by Jacob on 2007-11-13 01:16:45 | Reply

I have a PS3 with Jabra BT125…. works perfect

Comment by Valerie on 2009-12-14 20:35:48 | Reply

I am getting the jabra bt125 for my bf ps3 for x-mas cause i hear its the best. Please let me know how you connected it, i would greatly appreciate it.

Comment by Jose on 2007-11-13 06:09:37 | Reply

i have the motorola H500 and I was wondering if it works wit tha ps3 and if it had any problems. Can anyone help me?

Comment by Dave on 2007-11-14 00:17:33 | Reply

I have been playing call of duty 4 on PS3. Don’t have a headset but is there a way to turn of everyone elses chats so I can just hear the game music and effects? At moment all can hear is people chatting away and one time someone playing rubbish music to his mates. Pretty annoying!

Comment by Jafo12 on 2007-12-18 16:21:08 | Reply

I am with you man! I hate listening to some of these guys and their crying kids! Did you get an answer to your question?

Comment by SimpleSimon on 2007-11-14 04:17:50 | Reply

I’ve got a Motorola S9 headset. It’s a v2.0 headset with all the necessary profiles for bluetooth stereo. It works great with my cellphone. I had no problems pairing it as a headset on my PS3.

What I can’t figure out is how I can play my MUSIC over bluetooth instead of through my stereo speakers. I’ve got the latest 2.0 update on this 60gig PS3.

Any help here?

Comment by GM on 2007-11-26 23:09:28 | Reply


You said you have a s9, i am looking at getting on for my ps3, what is it like for talking? do you have to push to talk?, is the sound (your voice) clear to others?

Easy to pair?

please advise.

Comment by SimpleSimon on 2007-11-26 23:27:48 | Reply

No idea how well the S9 works for online chatting. I’ve no idea how to test it out. While the Sony hardware is great, they sure don’t give a lot of info on how to try out your PS3.

Comment by GM on 2007-12-04 22:02:39 | Reply

cool thanks for teh comment

Comment by dbeachum on 2007-12-05 05:13:13 | Reply

anyone know how to turn your bluetooth on as a mic in the game tekken? i got it to work on the system but i cant get it to work in the game :(

Comment by the captain on 2007-12-07 15:35:58 | Reply

the one you get with Warhawk works really well,, if any one cares.

Comment by fredrico on 2007-12-07 21:19:41 | Reply

does a sony ericsson headset work well seeing as the ps3 is made by sony.does anyone no?

Comment by Kidsnearwaterx on 2007-12-08 21:25:28 | Reply

Has anyone tried one of the Vodafone Bluetooth headsets with there PS3? I’m getting my Ps3 for christmas so i cannot try it yet. I need to know where to buy a new headset or not.


Comment by scotty2hotty on 2007-12-19 19:14:27 | Reply

hey boy’s and girls there is a dude that has commented up there about 3 times giving clear instructions on how to pair, ect. i think it sound simple enough i am getting mine soon and i have a nokia headset and cant wait to try it out, i will comment again with usefull information if i figure it out…. And whats this feud with ps3 users and x-box 360 users…its torn my school into 3 parts xbox, ps and the poor…poor people who havent got either…..Just one thing to say then UP WITH PS3 DOWN WITH X-BOX =D

Comment by Brad on 2008-01-10 22:45:50 | Reply

Up with PS3 and X-Box. They are both very good systems. I am a loyal Playstaion user so I am definatly not dissing it, but there are some obvious things that are better with the X-Box 360. The first point which is the most important to me is the online experience. The PS3 does come with FREE online, as you all know, which is a plus. It also has a built in wireless connection… yet another plus. Although X-Box live is not free, and you have to fork up almost $100 to get a wireless adapter, the overall online experience seems to be much more user friendly and easier to use. Another thing for me is that NONE of my friends play PS3 online, yet I know over 50 people who play online on X-Box everyday. I think the PS3 HAREWARE is much better than the X-Box, being made from Sony. On the other side the X-Box SOFTWARE is much better than our PS3, being made from Microsoft. Just my thoughts…

Comment by sergio on 2008-05-20 16:20:50 | Reply

well better software on microsoft, means more control over the user… like the psp, it had a bad frimware… but thats what brought the homebrews, where you can download and play emulator on ur psp. ps3 will take over soon tho…

Comment by SAM on 2007-12-30 06:25:20 | Reply


Comment by neill fitz on 2008-01-07 01:54:24 | Reply

hey i bought the jabra BT125 with warhawk and it will not connect to my ps3, ive followed the instructions perfectly and put it as close as possible to my machine but nothing seems to work, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

Comment by wbebee on 2008-01-07 11:41:27 | Reply

after you pair the fucking thing you have to go into acessory settings and hit connect and set both audio output and input to that device

Comment by Brad on 2008-01-10 15:42:57 | Reply

I have the Motorola H700 headset. I have tried to pair it serveral times and have failed each time. I think it will pair, I just dont know how to. I know you go to Settings>Accessory Settings>Register Bluetooth Device on the Playstation, but I dont think I am doing something right with the headset. Unfortunatly I lost my instructions to the headset so I don’t know what to do. Any help?

Comment by Terrell Stanley on 2010-02-10 04:58:36 | Reply

did you ever get a solution? I’m having the same problem. The PS3 picks up the device, but once I enter the passcode “0000″ it gives me an error. Please help. Thanks!

Comment by Warlord15 on 2008-01-24 06:57:30 | Reply

I have a motorola 350 bluetooth and I can connect it, but, once I try to play Call of Duty 4 with it connected, I can’t connect to online play with it. Any explinations?

Comment by bostonkid82894 on 2008-01-25 21:24:53 | Reply

I am going to buy the Motorola H700 Bluetooth headset, which i will also use with my phone (I DON’T USE IT TO IMPRESS I JUST THINK IT’S JUST EASIER) and does anyone know about compatability with the ps3 with this headset??

Comment by matt on 2008-01-28 18:10:09 | Reply

AGAIN LIKE HE SAID ABOVE YOU HAVE TO GO TO ACCESSORY SETTINGS WHICH IS @ OPTIONS BELOW REGISTER BLUETOOTH DEVICES AND CHANGE THE AUDIO SETTINGS TO YOUR BLUETOOTH DEVICE (DEFAULT FOR YOUR GAMES IS YOUR TV SPEAKERS) SO THIS MUST BE CHANGED. By the way it sounds like the motorola’s SUCK!!! I just bought a H500 And it connects in chat rooms but NOT IN CALL OF DUTY 4. my jabra from warhawk box works fine. Going to trade for a sony headset maybe that will work!!

Comment by matt on 2008-01-28 22:12:46 | Reply


Comment by Kinyo on 2008-02-04 19:40:44 | Reply

It all depends on what ps3 you have. I sell cell phones and I have my hands on just about every bluetooth headset you can find (even japanese versions that are not for sale in the us yet for testing.)

I personally have a 80gig ps3 and my son has a 60gig ps3. All the headsets I have tried - sony/jabra/motorola/and so on work with my 80gig but not my sons 60gig.

I’m guessing that the smaller versions of the ps3 are cheaper because they cut stuff out of it they shouldn’t have, not only made the hdd smaller. (BTW Yes I did pair each bt device correctly) The sound is choppy on the 60gig whenever it does actually connect to the bt devices (both mic and sound - if the mic will even work - it doens’t half the time on almost all the devices ive tried)

So all in all, the 80gig ps3 I havn’t had a single problem with anything at all - everything sounds great and works great with this model.

PS make sure you get the ps3 system updates before trying to use a late 2007/2008 model of bluetooth headset. It helped with some issues for the 60gig ps3.

I hope this helps everyone out a little!


Comment by Lee on 2008-02-06 22:58:25 | Reply

I’ve recently purchased the SE HBH-DS980. Paired effortlessly with the PS3 using passcode 0000. Unfortunately, however, I can’t seem to get sound from music or movies sent to the BT headphones (which is bloody annoying) - anyone know for sure if A2DP is supported by the PS3 and if so how does one pipe sound from music/movies to the headphones (I’ve already got the device selected as the input & output device)

Comment by reece on 2008-03-02 01:43:35 | Reply

i recently got a blueant x3 micro headset does it work with playsttation 3 answers yer?

Comment by Ant on 2008-03-02 01:53:22 | Reply

Y does my ps3 take so long to scan my bluetooth and then when its finished i put the pass key in and it says register error
what am i doing wrong?

Comment by steve on 2008-03-20 23:47:18 | Reply

ya, i was wondering.. does anyone know if older headsets are compatable?

Comment by Art on 2008-03-21 08:57:40 | Reply

If you want your motorola headpieces to work theres a code 1111 or 0000. Try it out when registering the headset.

Comment by Nikolas on 2008-04-10 07:47:46 | Reply

I got a Sony Ericsson HBH-PV703 version 2.0 yesterday and i can’t connect it to the PS3…It scanning and just can’t find it.I’ve tried everything put it to pair mode etc..

Comment by Mitch on 2008-04-22 05:24:31 | Reply

Hmmm, it seems we have alot of issues. First, why would you want to listen to music on a small little single ear piece. Secondly, most manufactures have online manuals for their equipment. Go to Motorola, or Jabra, or whichever company headset you have and do a little research. Short of one of the helpful guys above coming to your house to actually pair it, there is no other way to figure it out. Thirdly, people, let’s learn to spell and type. Half of the comments are made confusing by crappy typing and spelling. Personally, I use a Jabra 500, and it seems to work well on my PS3 for the online games.

Comment by Drpain26 on 2008-05-13 20:54:55 | Reply

Comment by Nikolas on 2008-04-10 07:47:46 | Reply
I got a Sony Ericsson HBH-PV703 version 2.0 yesterday and i can’t connect it to the PS3…It scanning and just can’t find it.I’ve tried everything put it to pair mode etc..

You have to turn the headset on, a green light will blink, then you have to press both volume buttons at the same time for 5 seconds and the light will became red. Then try to scan it with the ps3.

Comment by hobojock on 2008-05-19 17:10:32 | Reply

try the jawbone headset, works great, costly tho

Comment by fortyounceoffear on 2008-05-21 21:55:43 | Reply

I have the new Blueant Z9 earpiece, setup was troublesome with the PS3 but after not following any of the instructions in the manual for the earpiece it finally(strong emphasis)connected. I am using it in GTA4 for now, game on!

Comment by hightimeslady on 2008-05-22 19:51:58 | Reply

recently purchased h350 and need a registration key??? can any one help me.. I wanna play call of duty 4!!!!

Comment by HowsYour daddy on 2008-06-05 02:25:50 | Reply

I have the motorols s9 and paired it with my ps3. it works great online. i use it on COD 4 all the time! the only thing is only 1 the left ear works when paried with the ps3 and online….but that actually works out because it makes it easyer to listin to the game!

Comment by Karen on 2008-06-19 20:11:38 | Reply

I have a plantronics 665 which works fine with the pS3. My only complaint with these bluetooth headsets are battery life. Mine works for about 2 hours at most then dies so no marthon COD4 for me since it takes about 4 hours to fully charge.

Has anyone found or experienced a different brand with a better battery life?

Comment by ryan on 2008-06-19 23:51:15 | Reply

i am looking to buy “the perfect” headset for my PS3 and i’m just wondering what one you would all suggest.i would prefer a sony.

Comment by james on 2008-06-26 23:45:00 | Reply

do NOT buy a metal gear soild bluetooth headset for ps3 it SUCKS big time. and for 60$ i got a h500 for 45$ and works GREAT!!!! get it at target.

Comment by roughneck76549 on 2008-06-30 00:54:27 | Reply

DONT BUY ANYTHING MOTOROLA! I tried 2diff S9 headsets & got nowhere fast! Still looking for that perfect headset.

Comment by Logan on 2008-06-30 05:40:47 | Reply

hey so I have a new LG HBM-770 bluetooth headset device and i want to huke it up to my ps3 but when im regeristering it theirs an error!….any help please! Is the headset not compadible? or, am I doing something wrong? please help me with this!!!!!!!

Comment by Lady J on 2008-07-07 19:10:20 | Reply

What the hell??? The mad catz bluetooth is garbage…it just STOPPED working. There is no light fashing or anything. The ps3 wont pick it up at all. What should I do?

Comment by PS3 GAMER on 2008-07-16 20:23:45 | Reply

go to wiki and look up blue tooths compatible for the ps3 thats all you need i would recommened jabra cheaper works better

Comment by niall on 2008-07-31 11:42:37 | Reply

well iv a motorola h350 headset and i dnt knw wat do do wen its scanning….lik hw lng do i have 2 wait and wat buttons do i press on it[i dnt have the manual on it]

Comment by james on 2008-08-04 18:25:05 | Reply

i got the ps3 headset from gamestation i have charged it and i have been scanning but it just keeps scanning it dosent come up with anything else!! its starting to anoy me. HELP ME PLEASE!!


Comment by anthony on 2008-08-06 00:57:19 | Reply

Motorolla sucks.

Buy jabra or jawbone. you shouldn’t have to pair every time, that’s now how blue tooth is designed.

It’s a universal platform that should work with any bluetooth receiver.

If people can’t hear you, go into the PS3 Settings for Audio and enable the microphone on your bluetooth device.

every time i conect my headset via XM bar in settings and then play COD4 after a while it just disconects and i have to do it all again same thing WTF

Comment by CALL ME STUPID on 2008-10-02 20:32:54 | Reply

i have a jawbone and i dont have a clue how to set pairs or get it to work on my ps3 PLEASE HELP ME

Comment by ankrish on 2008-11-29 01:05:00 | Reply

thats wen u know ur retarded… wen an item comes with an instruction manual and u cant even read it and u have to go to some blog to get help on how to pair ur bluetooth headset to ur ps3. either look at the instruction manual or go to youtube dumbass

Comment by Shut Yo Mouth on 2008-12-21 17:40:15 | Reply

Eat a box of dicks you fucking asshole. So what, the guy is a bit clueless, but it’s not your time to be acting like a motherfucking bitch. Go fuck yourself you nigger.

Comment by karl on 2008-10-10 16:57:37 | Reply

i have the jabra BT150 and the ps3 dont even find it lmaoo so dont bother gettin it lol its shite :@

Comment by mike on 2008-11-30 20:09:37 | Reply

guys ! Question , anyone knows if the plantronics 360 works with the ps3 ??

guys ! Question , anyone knows if the plantronics 360 works with the ps3 ?? thanks

Comment by Say Thanks on 2008-12-21 17:44:20 | Reply

Thanks for adding “thanks” to the second of your two identical posts, Mike. If anything, that will make the difference between someone responding to your gay ass question. How about you just try to see if it works… THANNKS

Comment by Fuck U Say thanks on 2008-12-23 17:11:10 | Reply

go and fuck your mother puto !! Gay ?? Question , now u tell me how is that question gay , u stupid ignorant , come mierda .

Comment by Health Diet of Dick on 2008-12-21 17:46:09 | Reply

Just make sure that you eat a lot of dick because it’s good for you.

Comment by JJ on 2009-01-17 16:35:03 | Reply

I have warhwks and the headset is not workin

Comment by mark on 2009-02-08 14:08:03 | Reply

just bought steelseries 5h v2 usb headset for use on ps3 but i cant get it working….does anyone have some ideas

Comment by ctrad45 on 2009-04-26 22:22:24 | Reply

For all those wondering…registration code is 0000 for most headsets. By the way, the !lue Ant z9i is awesome as a PS3 headset.

Comment by Aegidius on 2009-05-01 21:36:03 | Reply

My o2 blue thats a blueetooth headset doest read what should i do?

Comment by andy on 2009-07-14 12:02:24 | Reply

ive paired my ps3 to a sony headset and everything but i dont know how to talk in tiger woods 09 plz help

Comment by Pal Al on 2009-07-26 04:40:16 | Reply

I have paired 2 BT to my PS3 and I can hear back ground noise but I cant hear anyone talk and dont know if they can hear me what am I doing wrong. BTW I only have one BT paired at a time I see that it syncs up but just cant hear anything

Comment by scott on 2009-12-13 23:23:29 | Reply

i have connected my bluetooth headset then enetered the passkey 0000, but then it says its registering and just seems to be going on forever, why is this?

Comment by Connor on 2009-12-25 23:28:37 | Reply

how do i connect my headset to my playstation. im getting so pissed off cuase it wont scan the damn thing.

Comment by Bob on 2009-12-30 01:44:04 | Reply

listen … if you are asking why doesn’t your headset works? it has to be related to the company sony (to work proper) .. or just buy the ps3 headset for £14.00 (at the moment) in argos if you live in the uk.

Comment by leestopmessingabout on 2010-01-09 12:56:43 | Reply

just go to e-bay and but the officail headset for around 27 quid sets up easy with no problems no interferance to the controller works on ALL games shhhhh what was that?FRAG-OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by aleks on 2010-01-16 19:36:17 | Reply

hey guys i need some help i have the official ps3 headset. it refuses to work when i play call of duty modern warfare 2 and in general as it is on my ear and too far away from my mouth for it to sense my voice. I am also unable to increase my microphone level to compensate for this. Is there anyone else out there with this problem and if so i would be grateful if you could offer some help or advice to help me overcome this technical problem

Comment by ace07 on 2010-02-06 12:21:49 | Reply

Is the nokia bluetooth headset bh-104 compatible for ps3?

Comment by Marquayes on 2010-09-08 17:07:42 | Reply

I have a Jabra bluetooth headset and i did all the steps to sync it with my PS3 but how do i get it to work with Madden 2011 in a on-line game playing someone head-to-head and they have a headset too????????

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