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PS3 gets more backwards

After the recent discovery that any Bluetooth headset would work with the PS3, it seems that the PS2 eyetoy also works, with the potential of any camera possibly working. If you have an Xbox Live Vision camera, that sadly won’t work though.

Kotaku have a nice little video clip posted on YouTube, proving that the camera is recognised, with a live picture too! When you connect, it also pops up saying “Test Camera”, so presumeably, as already said, any camera would work on the PS3 via USB, which is an excellent thing to be able to do, and makes life easier for everyone.

Unfortunately though, the guys at Kotaku currently couldn’t find anything to do with it, except to look at the little test window. Though it mentions that when the online system goes live, it will support video chat. Perhaps any camera works with that feature too, which is excellent. It’s a shame they didn’t try and play Eyetoy:Play, or another version of Eyetoy specific games, just to push backwards compatibility to the limit! gets more backwards digg:PS3 gets more backwards newsvine:PS3 gets more backwards reddit:PS3 gets more backwards fark:PS3 gets more backwards Y!:PS3 gets more backwards gamegrep:PS3 gets more backwards

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