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Boomerang controller strikes back

We all remember when we first saw the PS3 and it’s controller standing side by side. Shouts of “It’s a banana!”, “It’s a boomerang!” and “It’s shit!” can all be remembered quite clearly. Soon after, Sony reverted back to the controller we all know and loved, and that was the end to bendy controllers. But now it is back, as a third party peripheral for the PS2, but includes a tilt function.

If you had your dreams set on using that controller for the PS3 instead of the Dualshock, then this is your best alternative, albeit on the PS2. Unfortunately it doesn’t have any force feedback, so if you are in the UK, I recommend you start using one of these to prepare yourself for the lack of rumble on the PS3.

I had a tilting controller on the PS1, and if you ever try and use them for FPS games, I really wouldn’t bother, they don’t work very well. But I liked the look of the boomerang, it looked easier to tilt, because you wouldn’t adjust your hands quite so much. But never mind, nice to see someone taking the initiative.

If you really want this, then head over to Circuit City and snap it up at $34.99. controller strikes back digg:Boomerang controller strikes back newsvine:Boomerang controller strikes back reddit:Boomerang controller strikes back fark:Boomerang controller strikes back Y!:Boomerang controller strikes back gamegrep:Boomerang controller strikes back
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… All I can say is… “Wrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyy?!”

Comment by kissmygritz on 2006-11-16 01:28:09 | Reply

Man, that thing is oooooooogly. Sony has NO style, unless your into the whole GeorgeForemanGrill-for-a-console type of style.

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