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Guerrilla Games Working On New IP

Since showing a bit of Killzone 3 at E3, Guerrilla Games has been relatively quiet. Recently, Managing Director Hermen Hulst, sat down with and spoke about breifly about a new IP the studio is working on.

During the interview, the question was asked whether they were working on a new IP, Mr. Hulst responded (Google translated) “We are now fully working. We try to do it very carefully and are now at the point where key players to set up. It is very busy with Killzone 3, but we still have people released this. Very soon we are going upscale. We are now still in the conceptual stage. A very nice time for the studio. Typical of the Guerrilla culture is that the company involved in the project. We have an extensive briefing circulated and invited everyone to pitch concepts. There are so many ideas come from it. It gives a good picture of what the studio wants. We had quite a quick idea of what we want to do, but it’s still too early to talk about it.”

Unfortunately that is all the details for now. The full video interview will be posted sometime next week. Games Working On New IP digg:Guerrilla Games Working On New IP newsvine:Guerrilla Games Working On New IP reddit:Guerrilla Games Working On New IP fark:Guerrilla Games Working On New IP Y!:Guerrilla Games Working On New IP gamegrep:Guerrilla Games Working On New IP
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