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NBA Homecourt courts revealed

The full court list for NBA Street Homecourt has been revealed, and will showcase where the professionals first played some street games, where they got good and so on. Each of the courts has been accurately re-modelled, as you would expect from EA.

Also included below is where each court fits into the game, as well as a short biography of each court.

Venice Beach

Location: Los Angeles, Ca

Bio: One of the most famous courts in the world. It’s common to see celebrities and athletes playing amongst the locals on any given day. Laker greats Magic Johnson and Kobe Bryant have both showcased their pro games in the rough Venice pickup games. It has four courts but the best ballers all play on the court by the strip. The popular Nike series Battlegrounds built a court at Venice to host its cage match 1on1 series.

Game Related:

Venice is where you will play the best NBA ballers from the West Coast. From Baron Davis to Jason Kidd.


Location: Baltimore, MD

Bio: Located off a busy intersection in the tough West Baltimore neighborhood, Cloverdale birthed NBA superstar Carmelo Anthony. Carmelo may credit his NBA skills to his days at Cloverdale but he is not Cloverdale’s only link to NBA. NBA champion Sam Cassel has graced the court as well as many of the defunct Baltimore Bullets. “Mike” Plater runs the City Game leagues out of his small office atop the hill, providing an outlet for the youth and a place for families to go on the weekend.

Game Related:

Cloverdale is where you face your first NBA competition. Once you prove yourself to Carmelo you return to take down the BMore squad in the last hometown Tournament. If you can beat Baltimore’s finest, Melo, Sam Cassel, and Jaun Dixon you’ll be well on you’re way to legendary status

Ash Park

Location: Coatesville, PA

Bio: Ash Park is located in Coatesville a small Pennsylvanian steel town referred to by some as Pittsburgh of the East. This court served as the central training ground for NBA superstar Rip Hamilton. Rip would meet his mentor Ricky Hicks at the court everyday before school and run the hills of Coatesville. To this day residents of Coatesville can see Rip running these same hills and battling on the courts at Ash Park. Each year RIP hosts a fundraiser RIP City day at the park, offering a tournament for the kids and free food for the residents. RIP recently refurbished the park, putting in glass backboards a fresh surface and a tribute to past Ash Park legends.

Game Related:

Ash Park is the first Homecourt Tournament you will play in. Winning won’t be easy as Rip has recruited two friends from nearby Philadelphia to represent his hometown. NBA Superstar and childhood rival Kobe Bryant and NBA Star and Pistons teammate Rasheed Wallace.

Rupert Bell Rec

Location: Winston-Salem, NC

Bio: Rupert Bell Rec is home court to super guard Chris Paul. Chris grew up in nearby Lewisville but spent lots of time with his grandfather in Winston-Salem. Chris and his brother would come down to the popular domed court when they were done with their shifts working at their grandfather’s gas station. When Chris made it to the NBA he refurbished the court in honor of his late grandfather. The plaque at the side of the court let’s us know why the surface is pristine and the rims are perfect.

Game Related:

Rupert Bell is the second Homecourt Tournament you will play in. The competition has increased since the last tournament and you know master passer Chris Paul won’t just let come and take his court.


Location: New York, NY

Bio: The GOAT is an oasis of basketball located in Manhattan. Four courts each with a funky blue and green paint job make the park a NY original. Kids and families fill the park and sounds of recess fill the air. Ask the kids wearing GOAT league jerseys about the park and they’ll tell you how Rafer Alston is a regular. Named after the most famous and tragic street legend NYC has ever had the park is still legit long after the GOAT has passed.

Game Related:

This is where you will find the best ballers from the East Coast. You’ll have to start at the bottom and prove you belong before you will face the likes of Ron Artest, Allen Iverson, and Stephon Marbury.

Franklin Park

Location: Chicago, IL

Bio: Located in the dangerous West side of Chicago this is the best pick up game in town. The multi purpose gym is plastered with Chicago Bulls logos that shows you the big team cares about the future. Made famous by their midnight basketball leagues this gym keeps its name on the radar by producing winners. Just ask Kevin Garnett or look at the banners if you need proof.

Game Related:

This is where you will find the best ballers from the Mid West. Guys like Kevin Garnett and Lebron James make this one of the toughest courts to play on.

Dirt Bowl

Location: Lexington, KY

Bio: The original Dirt Bowls of Kentucky were literally played on the signature red clay but there is debate about which Dirt Bowl came first. Sixty miles separate the Dirt Bowl in Louisville and the one in Lexington. With Division I Basketball talent all around, both places provide legitimate proving grounds in the summer time. Nothing compares though to the party that is thrown down in Lexington. With bleachers and an announcer’s stand, this court guarantees that when you shine people will be there to take notice.

Game Related:

This is where you will find the best ballers from the South. If you succeed here you can leave with Tracy McGrady as a teammate.

Brand Jordan Gym

Location: Portland OR

Bio: Carmelo Anthony says playing at Brand Jordan gym is like playing at an NBA Stadium. Welcome to the pros. The bright lights and shiny floors as well as the run are top notch. NBA teams staying in Portland often practice here but none greater than the 90s Bulls teams.

Game Related:

This is where you will find the all the Jordan athletes in one place. Take this as the last chance to improve your game before you head home to take down the best of the best.

Hometown Gym

Location: Anywhere, USA

Bio: The floor is worn and the rafters are dusty. Old wooden bleachers that have watched a half-decade of broken dreams still wait for the one to make it out. This gym feels like home. The gym is modeled after Hoosier’s Gym in Knightstown, IN the home court of the Hickory basketball team in the movie Hoosier’s. Thousands have made the pilgrimage to the gym to witness the magic first hand including NBA legends Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, Carmelo Anthony, and Lebron James.

Game Related:

This is your gym. You won’t get in till you are worthy though. When you do make it in you will be playing the best talent the NBA has to offer.

Hometown Park

Location: Anywhere, USA

Bio: The history of the neighborhood is layered in the chips of paint on the court. The same rusty backboard you watched you father play on still remains as a symbol of unfulfilled dreams. It’s been a while since the city gave your homecourt the love it deserves. Maybe there hasn’t been a reason.

Modelled after Wingate Park in Brooklyn, NY, this court epitomizes the community park.

Game Related:

This is your homecourt. This is where you separate yourself from the other guys in your neighborhood. Prove that you belong and people will come to you. NBA Stars from all around will want to see the next one.

That makes ten courts to play on and to find out just where some of the pros grew up and used to play. No doubt some of you live near to the courts included, so perhaps, when the game ships, you could inform us on just how good a job EA did on recreating the courts.

The game is scheduled for release on the 6th March in the US, a slightly longer wait than the 360 version. Europe will see the game on the 23rd March, since Street is a launch title, and one that might be worth a look at. Homecourt courts revealed digg:NBA Homecourt courts revealed newsvine:NBA Homecourt courts revealed reddit:NBA Homecourt courts revealed fark:NBA Homecourt courts revealed Y!:NBA Homecourt courts revealed gamegrep:NBA Homecourt courts revealed

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