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Final Fantasy XIII misses 2007 on PS3

With the PlayStation 3 flagging across all territories, many were hoping that a swift release of Final Fantasy XIII from RPG heavyweight Square Enix would help to ease the situation somewhat. Hopes of that, though, are fading fast.

Since only a few screenshots and a small trailer of the highly anticipated role-playing game Final Fantasy XIII have been banded around, people were desperately hoping that more media would be revealed at the Square Enix Party 2007 that took place a couple of weeks ago. Whilst this hope was fulfilled, sadly it seems that all hopes of the game hitting later on in 2007, even in Japan, have all but disappeared into the ether.

Over on IGN’s PlayStation 3 channel it is being reported that the RPG behemoth’s President, Yoichi Wada, has sealed the game’s fate, at least until the end of the current fiscal year. Speaking at a company financial briefing in Tokyo, Japan a few days ago he stated:

“It will still take a bit more time. At the very least, [a release] this fiscal year is definitely out of the question.”
- Yoichi Wada, President of Square Enix.

What this means is that not only will the second most wanted game in Japan (behind Square Enix’s Dragon Quest IX for the Nintendo DS) miss out on the lucrative 2007 holiday period in the Land of the Rising Sun, but will certainly not make an appearance until 1st April, 2008 at the very earliest. Whilst some people have stated that there are regular misunderstandings when translating from Japanese to English, it must be stressed that Wada-san was extremely clear with his expression. Unless Square Enix attempts to cash in on the lucrative holiday period of Golden Week, which starts at the end of April, PlayStation 3 owners could well have to wait until a stronger period later in 2008 before the game hits the streets, meaning the US and Europe will possibly even have to sit tight until 2009!

Sad news indeed, but stick with Playstatic for further updates… Fantasy XIII misses 2007 on PS3 digg:Final Fantasy XIII misses 2007 on PS3 newsvine:Final Fantasy XIII misses 2007 on PS3 reddit:Final Fantasy XIII misses 2007 on PS3 fark:Final Fantasy XIII misses 2007 on PS3 Y!:Final Fantasy XIII misses 2007 on PS3 gamegrep:Final Fantasy XIII misses 2007 on PS3

7 comments on 'Final Fantasy XIII misses 2007 on PS3'

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Comment by bib on 2007-05-26 17:40:28 | Reply

I think im starting to regret getting a Ps3.My friends all have 360’s by this stage.My PS3 justs sit there like an inside out vacuum cleaner.Dusty.

Comment by nofear360 on 2007-05-27 00:37:59 | Reply

If you got yourself an Xbox 360, you could play both Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey before the end of the year. Suck for you :P.

bummer i love my 360 play it nonstop :D

Comment by MP on 2007-05-27 00:46:18 | Reply

My advice, get both systems, since xbox got good games this very moment, and PS3 will get some good games in few months.

Comment by Sage on 2007-05-27 16:45:48 | Reply

Stick it out, bib. you had to wait a year to get anything decent on the 360(besides one or two games). so give it some time or you can get both systems.

Comment by The_Glovner on 2007-05-28 15:26:35 | Reply

Ouch, they didn’t need this announcement.

Comment by Sage on 2007-05-28 22:22:19 | Reply

I really dont care for this game, if lair or h. sword was delayed then I would be depressed, but not for this.

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