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SplitFish FragFX control review

You may remember back in March we announced the release of a new controller for the Playstation 3 dubbed the SplitFish FragFX. It didn’t make its April release as expected, however, it should be released in July. Fortunately, for those that don’t wish to throw away $60US on an ugly control without some confirmation its going to be any good, there’s already an exclusive review available online.

Straight to the point, in the comprehensive review of the FragFX control by, it was found that performance using the mouse and FragChuck controls vastly improved their performance in Resistance: Fall of Man;

Our accuracy and precision were immediately improved, especially in situations in which we were tracking a moving target. Whereas analog sticks apply variable acceleration, which makes maintaining a bead on a fast target a bit tricky, the FragFX allowed us to put our reticule on a target’s head and maintain it through all kinds of evasive manoeuvres.

Some of the main benefits of the controller, besides providing “providing PC-like control for FPS titles on the PS3”, the mouse has exceptional customisation options. The FragFX has every button the regular SIXAXIS control features, however every button can be reconfigured manually via software downloadable from, the developers website.

Other neat features include the ability to assign motion controls to the FragChuck, left hand remote which acts much like the Wii-chuck control. IGN used this to make “waggling the left-stick dongle could be assigned to trigger the gun-buck physical attack in Resistance, normally accessed by pressing triangle.”

As well as the improvement in gameplay, the control was found to be comfortable, adjustable and excellent for play from a couch, with the mouse pad portion of the control sitting on the lap. To top things off, the mouse doubles as a mouse for the PS3 web browser and has apparently been optimised for Playstation Home.

“The best alternative controller we’ve tested on the PlayStation 3. Provides PC-style accuracy in FPS titles and also works as a regular mouse with the PS Browser.”

Seems like my initial impressions of the FragFX when first announced were rather off centre. As IGN rated the control a 9.1 out of 10, which is a high mark for any game or accessory. Now if there were some decent FPS out on the PS3 besides Resistance: Fall of Man, it might be possible to justify such a purchase.

The FragFX is available as both wired for $59.99US or Bluetooth wireless at $69.99US, shipping later this month.

The full review can be located here. official website. FragFX control review digg:SplitFish FragFX control review newsvine:SplitFish FragFX control review reddit:SplitFish FragFX control review fark:SplitFish FragFX control review Y!:SplitFish FragFX control review gamegrep:SplitFish FragFX control review

7 comments on 'SplitFish FragFX control review'

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Comment by Lotus 111s on 2007-06-27 19:56:33 | Reply

I’m sold, just want one for the 360 as well and i will be well chuffed.

Comment by mass9 on 2007-06-27 22:08:50 | Reply

It seems that Sony is always first to market with the periphreals (sp?!?).
Looks like a good idea.

Yeah. I was a little critical when I first saw it, didn’t believe it would be a very good product. You know, poorly developed or something. Apparently it’s a really solid product though. I might consider checking one out when there’s some better online games available for the PS3.

Comment by elprez on 2007-07-14 16:16:18 | Reply

Is this product out yet? I was playing Rainbowsix Vegas last night and our team got OWNED continually by one guy. He could aim so fast and accurately I was screaming at him asking how he got his mouse to work and he only laughed…. I havent found a release date anywhere. Anyone?

Comment by Nightwolf on 2007-07-24 17:16:35 | Reply

Don’t be fooled, this product isn’t as good as IGN states it is. It’s extremely hard to get the thing to calibrate to your standards. Otherwise, you’ll be getting jumpy mouse movements that are way off base. The buttons on the side of the mouse constantly interfere with what you’re doing and I often found myself reloading in the middle of an intense firefight while moving around. This thing hasn’t done squat for my gaming experience. I’ve been playing Computer games using a Logitech G5 for a few years and this thing has nothing compared to a good ole fashioned PC mouse and KB. I wouldn’t waste my money folks.

And I got mine off

I disagree, I too picked one up from Amazon, this controller was quoted by Kotaku as “What could possibly be the best controller of all time…!”
Well I agree, this thing kicks ass! Played Resistance with the FRAGFX and it was like night and day to the sixasis. YOu can program your grenade button which is your square, triagle etc..(on the mouse) to activate when you flick your wrist with the left control, slow down action for precision accuracy for those head shots using the frag button, and do a complete 360 degree turn to see behind you in a fraction of the time you can holding the analog stick one way. I hope they have one for 360 coming out, I can’t wait for Call of Duty 4 with this thing!

Comment by Roids on 2007-12-10 08:48:02 | Reply

this is definitely the juice of all console controllers… let’s not kid ourselves - it can’t beat KB and mouse - but it’s definitely better than the sixaxis FPSwise - quicker movements, precision accuracy - can’t wait till Haze comes out

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