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First Fallout 3 scans

Fallout 3 was confirmed to be coming to the Playstation 3 only a few weeks ago, but we already have the first ingame scans for you. These great looking scans came from a Finnish magazine called Pelaaja.

While not much of the story or any other elements of the game have been revealed by Bethesda, some tiny bits of information and a teaser video are available here. The scans below don’t disclose much new information but anyone can agree that this game is going to look pretty good.

In 2008’s Holiday season you’ll be able to pick this game up for Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and PC. Fallout 3 scans digg:First Fallout 3 scans newsvine:First Fallout 3 scans reddit:First Fallout 3 scans fark:First Fallout 3 scans Y!:First Fallout 3 scans gamegrep:First Fallout 3 scans

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Go and purchase this game right now! The game looks great, sounds great, is great!

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