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FIFA 08 track list is a megaton

Anyone that wanted a nice accompaniment when playing football this Winter will surely be delighted to know that FIFA 08 from EA will feature fifty songs from various artists and countries. Hit the jump for the beautifully crafted table.

Apartment Fall Into Place The Dreamer Evasive UK
Art Brut Direct Hit It’s A Bit Complicated UK
Aterciopelados Paces Oye Columbia
Babamars The Core Surprising Twists France
Bodyrox feat. Luciana What Planet You On? UK
Bonde do Role Solta O Frango With Lasers Brazil
CAMP From Extremely Far Away Taking Cure Switzerland
Carpark North Human All Things To All People Denmark
CeU Malemolencia CeU Brazil
Cheb i Sebbah Toura Toura: Nav Deep Remix La Ghriba: La Kahena Remix Algeria
CSS Off The Hook Cansei De Ser Sexy Brazil
Datarock Fa-Fa-Fa Datarock Datarock Norway
Digitalism Pogo Idealism Germany
Disco Esemble We Might Fall Apart First Aid Kit Finland
Dover Do Ya Follow The City Lights Spain
Heroes & Zeroes Into The Light Strange Constellations Norway
Ivy Queen Que Lloren Sentimiento Puerto Rico
Junkie XL Clash Felt EP Holland
Jupiter One Unglued Jupiter One USA
Kenna Out of Control (State of Emotion) Make Sure They See My Face Ethiopia
K-Os Born To Run Atlantis: Hymns for Disco Canada
La Rocca Sketches (20 Something Life) The Truth Ireland
Lukas Kasha Love Abuse Animated People’s Republic Norway
Madness feat. Sway and Baby Blue I’m Sorry I’m Sorry UK
Maximo Park The Unshockable Our Earthly Pleasure UK
Melody Club Fever Fever Scream Sweden
Mexican Institute of Sound (MIS) El Microfono Pinata Mexico
Modeselektor feat. Sasha Perera Silikon Hello Mom! Germany
Noisettes Don’t Give Up What’s The Time Mr. Wolf? UK
Pacha Massive Don’t Let Go All Good Things USA
Peter Bjorn and John Young Folks Writer’s Block Sweden
Planet Funk Static Static Italy
Robyn Bum Like You Robyn Sweden
Rocky Dawuni Wake Up The Town Book Of Changes Ghana
Santogold You Will Find A Way Santogold USA
Simian Mobile Disco I Believe Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release UK
Superbus Butterfly Wow France
Switches Drama Queen Heart Tuned to D.E.A.D UK
The Automatic Automatic Monster Not Accepted Anywhere Wales
The Cat Empire Sly Two Shoes Australia
The Hoosiers Goodbye Mr. A The Trick To Life UK
The Hours Ali In The Jungle Narcissus Road UK
The Tellers More The Tellers Belgium
Tigarah Culture, Color, Money, Beauty Revolution Japan
Travis Closer The Boy With No Name UK
Tumi And The Volume Afrique Tumi And The Volume South Africa
Vassy Wanna Fly My Affection Australia
Wir Sind Helden Endlich Ein Grund Zur Panik Soundso Germany
Yonderboi Were You Thinking Of Me? Slendid Isolation Hungary

It is the largest soundtrack EA have ever managed, representing twenty seven different countries. It’s a lot to take in and some seem rather obscure, but no doubt they all fit perfectly with the mood of the game.

Head over to the official site where you can listen to some clips of the music. You’ll have to wait until the 28th September here in Europe before you can listen to them in their entirety though.

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