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Sony working on motion-sensing PS2 controllers?

It may feel as though it’s been around for longer than time itself but, while the PlayStation 3 continues to stutter and stumble through the marketplace, the stalwart – and markedly cheaper – PlayStation 2 is managing to outshine its glossy big brother despite greying hair, lack of teeth, and an ominous arthritic limp. Which is exactly why Sony is still standing firmly behind its hugely popular ‘last-gen’ console (while Microsoft has completely abandoned the Xbox) and has recently intimated its plans for the existing PS2 brand.

More pointedly, current reports offer that Phil Harrison, the executive vice president of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE), hinted during last week’s Tokyo Game Show that the Japanese electronics giant is perhaps looking to introduce new and unique game controllers for its long-standing PlayStation 2.

When quizzed by gaming magazine Gamasutra about the possibility of Sony developing and releasing new game controllers for the PlayStation 2 that could compete with the motion-sensing attributes of the Nintendo Wii’s Remote and Nunchuk, Harrison ducked the question initially, claiming that he was not familiar with what the question was referring to.

However, he then went on to say:

    “…but we put USB ports on the PlayStation 2 for a reason, which was to support open technology. So anything that is based around USB can be plugged into a PS2 and could add some unique experience.”

While far from a cast-iron revelation that the PlayStation 2 is to receive an interactive controller injection, the bald-headed executive then offered that, although Sony has “done well” with similarly inventive controllers such as those used in the Buzz quiz show series and also in editions of SingStar and EyeToy, “there are others coming as well.

“We’re by no means done with PS2,” enthused Harrison. “We can’t make enough PS2s at the moment, which is a fantastic situation to be in eight years into the lifecycle.” A state of prolonged consumer demand that Sony no-doubt wishes its new PlayStation 3 was experiencing rather than its much older, vastly underpowered, and not at all glamorous PS2.

In terms of global sales performance, the PlayStation 2 has thus far amassed more than 120 million unit sales throughout its eight years at retail. By comparison, the powerhouse PlayStation 3, which is approaching its first birthday, has yet to hit the 5 million mark, while both its market rivals (Nintendo Wii, Xbox 360) have passed 11 million sales. working on motion-sensing PS2 controllers? digg:Sony working on motion-sensing PS2 controllers? newsvine:Sony working on motion-sensing PS2 controllers? reddit:Sony working on motion-sensing PS2 controllers? fark:Sony working on motion-sensing PS2 controllers? Y!:Sony working on motion-sensing PS2 controllers? gamegrep:Sony working on motion-sensing PS2 controllers?

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Comment by Robo Man on 2007-09-26 13:31:35 | Reply

Well the PS2 has around the same graphical quality of the Nintendo Wii. So if a motion sensing controller was added to the PS2 it would have the same abilities as the Wii.

This could truly give the PS2 a new breath of Life. Also at a cheaper price than the Wii and having an already much larger install base, it could really give the Wii a run for its money.

Comment by Veritas on 2007-09-26 19:39:17 | Reply

Possibly, but the Wii also has the web browser, virtual arcade, and other features that wouldn’t be accessible on the PS2. How big a difference these things make in the mind of a consumer, I’m not sure. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see…

Comment by Omen on 2007-09-27 02:31:45 | Reply

yea ,but who realy uses this wii things?….
3% of the people who has the wii.

Comment by Rob on 2007-09-28 01:16:37 | Reply

Actually a lot of the people with a wii will use those feautures. As for the wide range of games available, they’re not designed to be played with a motion sensing controller, so they wouldn’t at all be on par wth the wii. Maybe if sony didn’t put sky high prices on ideas that they rarely invent themselves they wouldn’t have put themselves in the position where they have to rely on the previous console to save them

Comment by Veritas on 2007-09-28 06:40:59 | Reply

Maybe the Sony headquarters will just implode and form a black hole due to the weight of all the CEOs’ egos. That’d be just, I think.

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