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One-handed “Access Controller” moves toward manufacturing

Independent filmmaker and renowned videogame mod specialist Benjamin J. Heckendorn (BenHeck), has this week whipped the covers of expectation off his latest wonder creation, which just so happens to redefine existing two-handed game controllers by, um… removing one of those hands from the interaction equation.

Avoiding the use of forced amputation, Wisconsin-born Heckendorn has developed a prototype for a brand new gamepad (partially resembling an arcade stick set-up) that sits on a flat surface and requires only one hand laid across it to deliver complete videogame control.

Currently known as the “Access Controller,” Heckendorn (32) recounts that this project – alongside the much talked about Xbox 360 Elite laptop – has been consuming vast sways of his time and caused somewhat of a drought in other areas of interest.

“Here’s the basic principle: You lay this controller on your leg, table or arm of a chair and all the buttons are available on the top surface. The gag is that each of the five sections is removable and you can plug them anywhere you want. This not only makes the controller work for both left and right handed use (simply mirror the layout) but it also allows the user to optimize the button placement on a game-by-game basis. Even if the user has partial use of both hands it should still be easier to work with than a standard controller.”

Described by Heckendorn as “a big hip flask!” the Access Controller’s moveable button/stick modules are around ¾-inch in thickness, with a pin header located on their bases. The header then connects to a signal bus placed within the body of the main unit, providing each module with “every possible signal required by the game controller” and also allowing the user to place the modules in any favoured position so as to garner the best possible control.

Anyone suitably intrigued by the potential of Heckendorn’s innovative game controller will be thrilled to learn that it could well be available for retail purchase. Moreover, the Access Controller has already moved into pre-production for manufacturing courtesy of, “and will first appear as a battery-powered wireless model for the PS2/PS3, with an Xbox 360 version pending,” revealed Heckendorn via his official Web site.

Those wishing to learn more about the Access Controller, or wanting to place an order for the alternative control method, can do so by writing to  digg:One-handed  newsvine:One-handed  reddit:One-handed  fark:One-handed  Y!:One-handed  gamegrep:One-handed

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Comment by Kate Loire on 2007-10-27 02:20:24 | Reply

Woah.. imagine what would happen in the future if you had one of these in each hand for the same game. That boggles my mind.

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