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high performance computing research lab photo

Linux foundation backs high-performance and exascale computing

As the dawn of a new era in computing unfolds, the Linux Foundation’s recent backing of high-performance and exascale computing initiatives marks a pivotal shift in technological capabilities. This bold move is not just about crunching numbers faster; it’s a testament to the power of open source innovation in shaping the future of global computing. ...


meta quest 2 vr headset futuristic setting

Meta’s best-selling VR headset drops to $250 in early holiday deal

The realm of virtual reality takes an exciting turn as Meta slashes the price of their best-selling VR headset. In an unexpected move, the high-end Meta Quest 2 becomes startlingly accessible, challenging perceptions of tech luxury. This strategic price drop isn’t just a sale; it’s a statement, echoing throughout the corridors of VR enthusiasts and ...